25 February 2010

25FEB2010 - She's coming together

It is amazing what a week means in an operation like LUDD.  These guys are really moving, I'm going to have to work a lot harder to keep on their schedule. 

Spent the day getting materials lined up.  The interior beams are coming from Green Tree Mill out of Graham, but they will be kiln dried and finished at Meyers/Wells in Seattle.  This is some really beautiful wood, I will get the story on it later but it is reclaimed out of a building on Lake Union.  The original beams look like they are about 18" x 30" so I have to believe that the tree started growing over a couple hundred years ago.  Chased down some high tech fender material and stainless fasteners, talked with the Hilti fastener guys, and got things going with the HVAC company. 

Barbara got the final touches done with the cabinet makers.  Jeff and the guys at Abodian have done an amazing job of squeezing a nice galley into a tiny space.

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  1. Wow! You guys are actually going to do this thing! Maybe this summer I can send you an extra pair of hands! Jonathon said that he wanted to learn how to sail. I told him that the only person I knew that sailed was you! Tag, you're it!