24 February 2010

24FEB2010 Three year delay

After three years of messing around with design and life getting in the way of kicking off this project we finally started building Caratello.

Caratello is going to be a 44 foot houseboat on Lake Union in Seattle. Tiny, at about 750 square feet of living space, but what do you need for two people? We have great views of the Seattle and Gasworks Park, a working waterfront to kayak around, and walking distance to some really nice restaurants.

Designed by Gene Morris at Lagerquist and Morris in Ballard, engineered by Craig Goring a marine engineer out of Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands, and built at Lake Union Dry Dock.

The steel arrived on 18Feb2010 and Hobie's guys drew the first arc that afternoon. By yesterday, 24FEB2010 the hull has started to take form. Compared to most of the work that LUDD does this is like building a Tonka Toy, but the welders have been telling me that it is kind of fun working on little stuff for a change.

Lots of stuff to do in the next couple of weeks. I have to order the lumber package and get all of the subcontractors lined up. Barbara has picked out the hull color and decided on "Ensign Red" to go with the metallic gray of the metal siding.

Got to get up there and take more pictures with a real camera, the cell phone camera is pretty poor.

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