03 March 2010

03MAR2010 - Catching problems

Went up to the yard to drop off some parts, I got the wrong parts so it is back on line to find something that will work.  Talked with the guys on the project and they pointed out that there were no scuppers to get the water off the deck so it wouldn't pour into the house, not a hard fix but it got over looked in the design stage.  The other thing that was missed was an opening in the bulwark so that we could access the house.  It was kind of on the architectural designs but not on the engineering prints.  I think I will be spending more time down there so that I can see what else we need.

Having been a repairman most of my life I understand how important little things get left out of the big picture and the guys with the hammers and torches have to tweak things to make them work.  I feel really fortunate that the guys at the yard are so easy to get along with.  Can't get them in my pictures very well because everybody knows that pictures steal your soul!

The hold seems much deeper than I had envisioned it.  I'll measure it this week, but it looks like it is at least 30".  Barbara says that will be good, she can buy more wine and keep it in the hold. I'm just worried that we will have to have a small ladder to get into the hold so that we can reach the wine.  There should be a hell of a root cellar under the galley, more than enough room to keep the extra pots and pans.

Tomorrow Barbara and I will stop by and take a look around before we go to Sea Vert to clean things up after winter.

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