19 March 2010

19MAR2010 - Getting ready to paint

Well, I'm going to be a busy boy this weekend.  I have to clean and primer about 2000 welds so that Lake Union Dry Dock can paint next week.  Most of the welds are down below the main deck so I'll be horizontal with my wire brush, rag, and acetone.  After I clean I have to go over the welds twice with a two part epoxy primer.  Doing this by hand gets into the cracks and crevices that the spray gun can't. 

They are going to pressure wash the hull today, start on the stainless rail work Monday and Tuesday, paint at the end of the week, and launch her right after the paint dries.

We added a skeg (fixed rudder) to give Caratello better tracking when being towed and under her own power.  Speaking of power I need to get the motor up there and mount it before the launch.  I also have to figure out the ceremonial stuff, I wouldn't want to offend the gods of wind and sea.
The beams for the roof showed up and they are works of art.  I am really impressed with the fact that there are shops that spend every day bending steel into the shapes that the architects need.  From what they tell me these four beams were child's play compared to what they can bend.

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