25 March 2010

First Moving Day 24MAR2010

The riggers were busy yesterday moving Caratello from the welding table up onto blocks in the driveway.  Now the welders can finish the welds on the underside and when that and the final welds on the rails are done the painters can get to work inside and out.
I spent another long day working on painting the inside edges of the angles and the other places the sprayer can't get to.  Another couple of gallons of epoxy primer and a lot of twisting and stooping.

Spoke with the sign painter who will be putting the name and home port on Caratello's stern.  He suggested a gold lettering with silver trim to contrast with the "Crowley" red of the hull and to go with the nickle finish of the house. 
Alaska Copper and Brass Works will have the trim rings for the hawse pipes finished next week.  Not a whole lot of this project is standard and has to be made to order or made to fit.
The hull weighed in at just a little over 10 tons, that is a ton less than was calculated.  I wish I could lose 10% of my weight magically.  The upside of this is that she will draw 1/2" on her draft sitting a little higher in the water.  The down side is that Barbara will have to provide more wine to make up ballast and I will have to stow it.
I think I'll give my knees a rest today and just work on ordering the lumber package and getting more materials lined up.

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