26 March 2010

Friday 26MAR2010

Finished up the painting that I had to do today.  Monday the welders will finish up a couple of things, straighten up a few places on the bulwark, and put the last touches on the stainless steel railing.

Painters will put on the primer coats on Monday and Tuesday then spray the RED on Wednesday.  The sign painter does his thing on Thursday morning and Thursday afternoon Caratello will be semi-ceremoniously dropped into Lake Union. 

Since Barbara has to work on Thursday I'll break the bottle of very cheap bubbly over the bow, ask the various and assorted Gods, Goddesses, and lesser immortals to watch over the little wine barrel.  I'm told that we will have a much more formal christening once we are at the moorage on Allison Street.  No alcohol is allowed in the ship yard and how much fun could a christening be without libations?

We are at a break point in our work so we get the weekend off.

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