02 March 2010


Had a few minor glitches that were discovered early.  The yard found that the hull racked when you walk on it and needed the center line support that was in the original specs.  Re-design has a keelson (new word for me, means the same thing as a keel, but on the inside of the hull).  Everyone seems to be going with the flow and working to make sure that Barbara has a nice place.  If the houseboats that are on the lake are an indication Caratello will be hosting parties well into the next century, we won't but she will.

I have been working on the interior systems, tweaking them and trying to save some money where I can.  I am trying to offset the change orders that we are making on the hull and other steel work.

Ordered the tanks today from Ronco Plastics, nice people and everyone I have spoken with recommends their tanks.  141 gallons for potable water (a weeks worth for the two of us if we needed it), 141 for gray water from showers and sinks, and 141 gallons for black water.  That seems like a lot of poo to me, but it works out to about 200 flushes with the marine heads that we have.  Kind of appropriate naming it Black Water, maybe we could just shorten it to Xe.

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