11 March 2010

Thursday 11MAR2010

The bow got swung into place yesterday.  Pretty impressive seeing how the parts come together, almost like it was planned that way!  I provided a horseshoe to be welded into the bow rake and we will come up with some coins to put under the stern moment frame (since this is the closest thing to a mast that Caratello will have).

Not that I'm superstitious, but there is no sense leaving anything to chance.  I figure that the horseshoe will catch luck, and placing it in the bow will give us luck not to hit anything.  The coins are ancient tradition to pay Charon should anyone die while aboard,  I'm not sure what the toll is to cross the rivers Styx and Archeron these days, maybe I'll just have Barbara put an old credit card in place of coins.  I wonder if you can use frequent flyer miles to get into Hades.

I'm going up tomorrow to get some instruction on how to do shipyard monkey work.  I'll be cleaning all of the interior welds, stripe painting them, and cleaning up getting ready for the paint to be applied the following week.  When I looked yesterday there are a hell of a lot of welds holding all of the frames, stiffeners, and keelson in place.  I'll be spending most of next week crawling around in the hold with my wire brush and paint pot.

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