08 April 2010

Build the pie higher! 8APR2010

The moment frames (goal posts) went up today and I put the obligatory coins beneath what counts as the mast. Tradition has it that you need to have coins for Charon the boatman so he will ferry your soul across the rivers Styx and Acheron if you die onboard. I figured that putting a US Dollar coin, a 10 Peso coin, and a Euro under the starboard forward post would work. I was going to put a credit card under there but figured that since they were welding the posts in place it would just melt or catch fire.

Ordered half of the lumber package this afternoon and it should arrive on Wednesday.  I'll be busy getting things lined up and ready to start banging nails until then.  I have 70 half inch holes to drill in the deck to bolt the sill plate to and I have to figure out how to work around some of the temporary steel work that is needed to keep the moment frames in place until the walls are up.  Unfortunantly the extra steel is right where I need to have an open area to raise the walls into.  Dan, the carpenter at LUDD gave me some good ideas that should work out.  His idea is that I can build the walls in smaller sections that can be put into place instead of building one wall that is tilted up. 

I really have to give credit to the guys in the metal shops at Lake Union.  The work is second to none and everything is square and true.  Bill and Larry said that everything was measured multiple times before anything was done and it really shows.  The curved beams from Albina Pipe Bending http://www.albinapipebending.com/Default.aspx is metal sculpture.  The bends are smooth and clean and the welds show real craftsmanship.  To make things even nicer the steel beams are just about the same price as a comparable gluelam would be.  Click on their link and watch how they bend steel beams, not quite as romantic as the flame bending that was used on the Space Needle's legs,  but still pretty impressive.

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