02 April 2010

Friday 2APR2010 - Really red and ready for launching!

Caratello has her name painted on and she is ready to launch, she is a very nice shade of red with dark gray non-skid decks,.  I'm not sure if it was because of the heavy rains and winds that she wasn't launched today or if it was because of the old superstition about launching or starting a voyage on a Friday.  I think the bad luck would have been multiplied by the fact that today was Good Friday.  Maybe the powers that be saw that Caratello was ready to launch and sent the storms to delay the launch.  What ever the case she will be put in the water on Monday.

It was hard getting good pictures because she is still under a tarp and there room to step back for a shot.  The flakes on the paint job are dried chips that fell off of the tarp and got on the hull.  I was a little concerned but found that they brush right off and leave a nice gloss finish underneath.  Tony and the rest of the paint crew did  a great job and the non-skid on the deck is some of the nicest I have ever seen. 

The stanchions in this picture are just part of the temporary cover and will be disappearing on Monday.

The moment frames are welded up and just need a couple of coats of paint before the riggers set them and the boilermakers weld them in place.  These are pictures of the aft section, this will be the framing for the kitchen entrance and the second deck guest stateroom.  
  I need to find out what kind of metal magic these guys performed to get the arch of the eyebrow as well as following the curvature of the supports.

Picked up the parts for the bilge pump system today.  I will be installing the through hull fittings tomorrow as well as setting a couple of deck fittings.  The other thing that needs to go on tomorrow is the propulsion plant.  I thought that sounded better than saying I was throwing the outboard motor on the stern!

Somewhere under this pile of plastic is Caratello

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