23 April 2010

Going Vertical.... finally!

There aren't any pictures to post right now.  I have been working on getting the mud sill in place so that it is water tight.  Since I needed to have a few dry days to do this things have been going slow, but I finished yesterday and started going vertical. 

I went through a lot more of the 3M marine adhesive/sealant than I had planned on but I really want to make sure no water gets past the sill.  Once the goo cures I will dam up the deck drains and put water on the weather deck (kind of like making a moat!).  That way I will be able to check the water tight integrity of the seal.  As much of the stuff that oozed out I really doubt that I will have a problem, but better to find out now than next winter.

I'm taking the day off to pick up more bees for the Bonney Lake house then back to Caratello Saturday and Sunday.

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