11 April 2010

Now this is a drill, this is a drill...

Dick hard at work repainting the name and home port on the houseboat. 

I spent the weekend drilling holes to bolt the first floor walls to the deck.  76 half inch holes takes a long time through 1/4" steel plate.  After this weekend I swear by a tool called the drill doctor,  after about 6 holes the drills needed sharpening and the drill doctor put a quick edge on them.  It paid for itself just on this one project.  I am also glad that I picked up a really good half inch drill motor, this one is designed for punching out big holes in heavy material.  The motor runs slower than a regular drill and it has two long handles so that you can deal with the high torque.  It was about half price since it was refurbished, another tool that paid for itself this weekend.

Went through and primered where all the holes are and where additional welds were made, I'm not sure if I will ever finish painting primer on things.  All the guys in the yard tell me that no one ever kicks themselves for puting too much primer on their boat.

I'm at the point that I can start puting walls together when the lumber package arrives.  One hold up might be that the header* lumber that the lumber yard offered might not be the same as what the engineer specified.  I should find out on Monday if they are the same but with different names or if we have to find another source for those pieces.  The window span is 10 feet so there is a lot of weight from the second floor and the roof that will be carried by the headers.  Even if it holds things up a week it is much better to find out now than sometime down the road when stuff starts sagging.

Lots of people out on the water yesterday and today.  Several stopped by and were curious about what we were building.  The general comment was that it is really red. 

With any luck by next weekend there will be something more than steel to show and talk about.

* a header is the beam above a window or door that distributes the weight above it.  The ends of the header sit on trimmers which are studs.  Not quite as cool as an arch, but it accomplishes about the same thing.

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