04 April 2010

Happy Easter

Another day of wind and rain.  Met with the sign painter who was pretty discouraged that his work was not salvagable due to the paint chips that were blown onto the new work.  He said in all of his years he hadn't had his butt kicked by wind, but there it was.  He is going to call LUDD on Monday to make suggestions which sound like a new coat of red and redoing the name. 

The tarp covering the barge abraded the red paint in places as it flapped against the hull.  It looks like the cover coat is taken down to the primer in a couple of places.  Kind of discouraging, but at least it looks like it is all above the water line so they still may be able to swing Caratello into Lake Union tomorrow.

Got the motor installed and it looks like it is just where it needs to be as far as where it sits in the water.  There is full range of motion port and starboard and it tilts all the way without hitting the deck.  It is a pretty small power plant for the size of Caratello, but she isn't designed for watersking behind.  The skeg that we added should make her track better too.

Sunday Barbara has to work so I'll go up and install some of the fittings and start putting in the parts for the bilge pump system.  My Easter Egg hunt today will be finding the four bronze 1" through hull fittings that I bought a month agao.  I am going to put in four Johnson 1600gph bilge pumps, one in each corner, piped into 1 1/2 inch black plastic drain pipe.  From what I have found this should handle a 2" hole just below the waterline.  This would take care of the flow from a failure of the 2" seachest which is the worst case scenario that I can think of.

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