14 April 2010

We have wood!

It's always nice to get wood on a warm spring day. Dunn Lumber delivered a couple of grand worth of lumber for the first deck framing this morning. I started puting the treated lumber down for the base of the walls, using treated 4x4s for the mud sill/combing all around the perimeter. The 2x4 walls will sit on this just like the mud sill on a concrete foundation. We are using a specially treated 4x4 because this is also acting like the combing on a ship to keep the water out of the boat. The 4x4s are being bedded in 3M 5200 adhesive sealant which, I am told, you better know where you are placing things before it sets or you will NEVER get the stuff off. In addition to the 5200 we are through bolting every 16 inches with half inch stainless steel bolts. The materials and method of fastening should make these walls last much longer than I will last!

I purchased a construction laser for another job last year and put it to good use today. With the steel deck coated with non-skid it is impossible to snap a chalk line to make sure that everything is straight. But, since the moment frames (goal posts) are the reference point all I had to do was aim the laser so that it was just touching both moment frames then I went down the line at every bolt hole and made a mark where the lazer lined up.

One of the guys thought it was pretty funny that I was using a laser for aligning wood that I cut with a hand saw. Hey, it is easier to use a hand saw for what I was doing than to set up the power tools to do the cutting. However I will be doing most of the cutting with my power saws.

I hope to have parts of walls up by the end of the weekend.


  1. keep up the good work.............you'll know that boat inside out before your done. thanks for sharing your experiences. Terry

  2. looks like you have a full time job to me! you must be learning alot along the way. looking forward to seeing her in person.