30 May 2010

More exterior walls up and Monday is a holiday.

Only a couple of more walls to go!  Got the rest of the port side framed up today.  That just leaves the interior walls and the two remaining starboard walls to go.  I think I'll take Monday off to recover.

I spent part of today cleaning up scraps and other debris in and around Caratello.  Man, there are a lot of little bits and pieces, but it is a lot safer not having things to trip over.

Barbara dropped by with a friend today.  Just making sure I wasn't goofing off too much and to check on the progress.  I guess she was happy with the progress.

There are going to be a lot of little details that need to be picked up after we get the roof on.  I'm pretty happy with the way that the parts are going together now.  One thing I want to run by Barbara is the window in the stairwell, I think it could be a bigger window to let in more light. 

I'm glad the week is over now, I need a day off.

29 May 2010

Walls go up on the second deck!

Started raising the walls on the second deck today. I got just under half of them built, more tomorrow.  I may wait until Tuesday to raise the 16' wall.

Dan, the yard carpenter, worked on how to get the roof system in place. Between the two of us we should have a pretty good plan to talk with Gene, the architect, on Tuesday or Wednesday. Since this is a one of a kind place we are inventing as we go.
It sure was nice having Steve, one of the yard riggers, use the crane to put the saw and much of the lumber package up on the second deck. I'll use his skills again when we start building the roof.

As I built walls today I took lumber from the stern staging area. This brought Caratello back into trim, but it also brought the prop back out of the water. There are still thousands of pounds of construction material to be installed plus all of the appliances and furniture so she will settle down again.
I did notice that during the really windy storm last week Caratello rode really nicely.  I think she will be a really comfortable place to live and a great place to have friends over to visit.

24 May 2010


I haven't been very good at posting for a while, mostly because I didn't think that the work that was being done was very visable.  Today I got the beams for the second floor installed and removed all of the extra interior bracing.  It is pretty nice to have all that extra lumber out of the way so that I can see how much space is on the first floor. 

Tomorrow I am going to start installing the 3/4" flooring and, unless something really changes, the second floor walls should be going up the end of the week.  I am going to have to get the window, roof, and siding guys some time frame so that they can get their work done.

Using some different fasteners that Lake Union Dry Dock uses to build their piers.  This is a Star Drive lag which has amazing pullout and shear strength in the doug fir.  Might be a bunch of over kill, but using these I don't have to toe-nail anything and I get a much tighter joint.  I think that the shear on these is close to 3500 pounds and pull out is around 800 pounds.  You can physically feel the house tighten each time I drive another one of these home.

Since the weather isn't too bad and it is light from 5am to 9 pm now I plan on hitting it hard this week and next.  Gotta love this latitude in the summer, not like that depressingly dark island that my son lives on where the sun doesn't come up until 6 and sunset is at 7 every day of the year. 

02 May 2010

One of the carpenters measured the house for square on Friday and found that it really squared up nicely.  It seems like the moment frames that the welders installed were leaning in just a bit but when the temporary supports were removed and the walls were banged into place the house was square.  That is a relief to me but it was what was expected by the yard.  Trust experience.

One of the huge Crowley ocean going pusher tugs, Ocean Reliance, is in next to Caratello.  Her bridge is 86 feet above the water line.  Next to her is the barge crane Seahorse. 

Caratello from the bridge of the Ocean Reliance.  Pretty small from 86' in the air, but the red really shows!

I finished up framing out the windows on the first deck today.  Added a few extra studs for strength and painted more primer on bare metal.  I spoke with the mill about the beams and they should be ready for pickup this week, they were in the dryer and still needed to be finished.  Then I can start working on the floor for the second deck.   Until the beams are ready I will be building the interior walls on the first deck and doing some more pickup work that always seems to need to be done.  Craig, the engineer, wants me to epoxy the bottoms of the plywood sheathing to protect it from getting wet and rotting.  I'll have to get a couple of nice days to do that work, but everything that I do like this will help keep me from having to fix something down the road.  As long as things don't rot or rust too much in the next 30 years is all I ask.

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