30 May 2010

More exterior walls up and Monday is a holiday.

Only a couple of more walls to go!  Got the rest of the port side framed up today.  That just leaves the interior walls and the two remaining starboard walls to go.  I think I'll take Monday off to recover.

I spent part of today cleaning up scraps and other debris in and around Caratello.  Man, there are a lot of little bits and pieces, but it is a lot safer not having things to trip over.

Barbara dropped by with a friend today.  Just making sure I wasn't goofing off too much and to check on the progress.  I guess she was happy with the progress.

There are going to be a lot of little details that need to be picked up after we get the roof on.  I'm pretty happy with the way that the parts are going together now.  One thing I want to run by Barbara is the window in the stairwell, I think it could be a bigger window to let in more light. 

I'm glad the week is over now, I need a day off.

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