29 May 2010

Walls go up on the second deck!

Started raising the walls on the second deck today. I got just under half of them built, more tomorrow.  I may wait until Tuesday to raise the 16' wall.

Dan, the yard carpenter, worked on how to get the roof system in place. Between the two of us we should have a pretty good plan to talk with Gene, the architect, on Tuesday or Wednesday. Since this is a one of a kind place we are inventing as we go.
It sure was nice having Steve, one of the yard riggers, use the crane to put the saw and much of the lumber package up on the second deck. I'll use his skills again when we start building the roof.

As I built walls today I took lumber from the stern staging area. This brought Caratello back into trim, but it also brought the prop back out of the water. There are still thousands of pounds of construction material to be installed plus all of the appliances and furniture so she will settle down again.
I did notice that during the really windy storm last week Caratello rode really nicely.  I think she will be a really comfortable place to live and a great place to have friends over to visit.

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