23 June 2010

Attack of the Puddle Pirates!!!

Our neighbor to the west moved out yesterday morning headed up to the fishing grounds in Alaska.  She was replaced by the very finest in 1960's technology the Coast Guard has to offer, the Cutter Monroe.  Built at the end of the '60s the 378 footer is still the bestest and goodest that the USA has to defend the homeland!
This is the younger sister ship of the Rush where I spent my two years before the mast (well actually aft of the mast most of the time because my shop and my berthing area was aft).  Kind of odd to think that other than the Commanding Officer and XO the entire crew's parents were probably in grade school when this old gal was shiny new. 

 Back to Caratello

Started getting the roof on just as summer seems to be here.  The 1x4 flooring makes for a very strong roof decking and looks great from down below.  The tongue and groove boards are bending pretty easily and fitting together nicely.  What ever Blackstock lumber is getting these from is doing a really good job, every piece fits together perfectly.

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