28 June 2010

More roofing, framing, and general clean up.

Roof deck is just about ready for the roofers to install the insulation and roof membrane.  We have been getting the decking down and installing the facia around the top of the house.  The siding guy came out to measure for metal and the window guy came out to take measurements on the openings.  I had to make a few adjustments on framing to get the door and window rough openings the correct size.  There have been a few glitches that I had to have help from the tin bender shop here at Lake Union Dry Dock, but they are easy to work with.

There isn't a lot going on in the yard right now.  The Coast Guard is still in Dry Dock #8 and they will be leaving in about a week.  Another ocean going tug is suppose to be here sometime after the 4th, but other than that it is the normal slow season.

It was pretty interesting getting these 2x12 facia boards into place.  Two of them were about 16 foot long and pretty heavy.  We used temporary blocking to set them, glued the mitered corners and secured them with nails, screws, and Hilti gun fasteners.  Here is the detail of the roof edge, the lip is 4 1/4 inches above the roof deck on the left side of the picture and about 5 1/2 inces on the right side where the house is wider.   Spent some time trying to figure out how to attach the roof deck and how to finish off the ends of roof where the overhang is.
Gene, the architect, came by today and made a few corrections to what I was thinking but overall he was very pleased with how Caratello is coming together.   The general concensus is that she is going to be a very nice place for Barbara to spend time on.  It is amazing how many people come by to look.  Barbara came by for a few minutes on Saturday, while I was cleaning up construction debris, and allowed that it looked good.  I wish she could be as enthused as I am, maybe once it is completed she will fall in love with the red boat too.

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