30 June 2010

Roof deck

Now that the roof is pretty rain tight the weather is turning nice!  I have a roll of heavy plastic up on top of Caratello just in case rain threatens.  I'm not sure when the roofers will be putting the lid on so we want to be ready if the sky turn nasty again.  We installed the facia around the perimeter of the roof and attached beams support the roof deck.   The deck beams had to be cut to fit the curved roof deck, we used a 4x12 fir beam.  Man is it cool having access to machines that can build a large wooden ship!  Still have to install the hatch to access the roof deck and the sheathing on the overhangs.  I found some really beautiful vertical grain fir plywood for the overhangs, it will carry the look through from the inside ceiling.

Right now access to the roof is by way of a ladder to the dock.  I'm really comfortable running up and down the ladder, but I don't think I will get Barbara up on the roof until the access is a little more solid.  I guess she doesn't have the advantage of working on ladders for the past 40 years.

While up on the roof I use a jack line (steel cable) that I attach my safety harness to.  I kind of feel like a dog on a leash, but that is better than ending up over the side in the lake or on the dock.  Safety is pretty important to the Lake Union Dry Dock folks so they remind me if I forget.

Next up is getting the windows ordered tomorrow, getting the rest of the roof sheathed and the access hatch installed, and the siding guys are going to start doing their thing.  Pretty soon it won't look like a box on a barge, I'm really looking forward to that.  Once we get Caratello sealed up I'm going to take a few days off, I think I have been on site for 10 to 15 hours every day for about a month now.

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