30 July 2010

Starting to get wired!

I'm starting to put in the electrical wiring.  There will be two systems,  one is the normal shore power 110/208 volt ac the other is a 12 volt dc system off of the batteries.  Barbara wants to us LED lighting where possible to keep the power consumption lower.  It seems like LED technology is just about there, but finding the fixtures is time consuming.  I think in a year or two it will be much more common.  One nice thing is that the wiring for both systems is the same, armored 12 guage stranded copper so if the LED thing doesn't work out I can change over to shore power fairly easily.

We built a ladder to get to the roof deck.  The original idea was to use a fold down aluminum ladder, but the way that it needed to be mounted left the top step too far from the edge.  It would have been a really long step up and not very comfortable.  Found a couple of pieces of old fir in a loft at the Dry Dock that were stamped 6/59, I don't know if they have been sitting there drying for that long or what the story is.  The grain on them is really tight an using some fir stepping and varnish it came out great!  It is at a really good angle and has nice wide/deep steps.  I am not sure what I will do for storage, I'll figure something out. 

Well, I finally got off of hold with Fisheries Supply and they are looking into the lighting issue.  I'm headed back up to the ship yard to do more electrical and clean up.  There is always clean up!

28 July 2010

Windows, Roof, and Stairs, oh my!

Wow, I really need to keep this blog up to date.  I know, I have said that in the past but I get busy with the physical world and don't get on the blog.  Seems like I get up early, bust my tail all day, get home late, and fall asleep (rinse, repeat).  Anyway there has been a whole lot going on at Caratello in the past three weeks.  The roof is on, the windows are in, no more ladder to the second deck, the roof hatch is in, and I'm starting to put wire in the walls.  The roof looks like a giant inner tube is on it.  The roofing product is suppose to last longer than I will and it is used in commercial construction.  I felt sorry for the two guys that installed it because it was the 99 degree day that we had here and on top of the black roof it must have been another 10+ degrees.  I'm glad I don't know anything about installing this stuff and I didn't feel bad enough to get up there and help them. 

The windows have a silver mirror finish on them to keep the glare down and to keep the parade of boaters, kayakers, and the ever present Duck boat tourists from seeing in.  The windows don't do anything if there is light from inside though they just become clear.  Even without having the doors in it is remarkably cool inside now.                     With a boat electrical system you have to keep the ground separate so you don't have any power going to the hull which does bad things to the steel.  Naturally the wire and outlets are more expensive, go figure...
The plan is to get the kitchen wiring done so that I can put up the wall finish.  The guys from Abodian need that up so they can do the final measurements on the cabinets for the kitchen.  The construction steps will stay in place until the very end of the job then I will put in the finished steps.  Doors are back ordered until the middle of August, or so they say.  Siding will go up when ever the guys from Ballard Sheetmetal get their parts in.  So until something else big happens I have a lot of less flashy stuff to do.

The overhang of the roof with varnished fir plywood.

I still hope to have Caratello at the Allison Street site in September, we will see how that works out!