22 September 2010

The siding is here!!! The siding is here!!!

The siding panels showed up today.  The 70 foot flat bed semi had a hard time backing down the pier to Caratello but, after much jockeying, wound it's way through the maze of buildings and equipment.  The riggers at Lake Union Dry Dock off loaded the truck with a couple of fork lifts and they will swing the panels for the starboard side over to the work barge tomorrow.  Cory from Ballard Sheet Metal said that he and Nick and a couple of other guys should be throwing the tin on all day tomorrow.  That will be nice!

They finished up installing the trim around the windows and started on the facia at the roof line.  When they are done with the facia and gutters I will have to get the roofers back to do a little more work that they couldn't do until the metal was in place.

Before Ballard Sheet Metal got too far along I put down another bead of caulk where the house meets the deck.  Once again I used the 3M #5200 marine sealant, this stuff is suppose to last forever and is near impossible to remove once it is cured.

Other things that happened yesterday and today:  Dave and Nick from Vaughn Mechanical came out and finished up ducting and plumbing the HVAC system.  I had them add a vent in each of the heads because the in floor heat that Barbara had wanted would have consumed too much electricity.  I also did more work on insulation and plumbing. 

With any luck I'll be able to get Caratello moved over to the permanent moorage before Barbara gets back from her vacation to Italy.  I really like working at Lake Union Dry Dock, but it is getting to be time to move on. 

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