28 September 2010

Some actual progress showing now

Well, most of the panels are in place.  The corners should be going up in the next few days and a few other pieces need to be installed.  Then I just have to get someone in to do the caulking between the flashing and the windows to complete the exterior. 

By the way, the Santa is on top of the rigger's shack.

I'm still working on the interior and a few things to get the new location ready for Caratello.  I need to get the cabinets, stove, and refrigerator loaded by the riggers before I have Brian and Kelli tow her from Lake Union Dry Dock.  Since she is still under construction the insurance company doesn't want us to move Caratello under her own power.   I guess the boat construction policy is different than the permanent insurance policy.

I have been puting in the insulation, what a pain this is.  Each space between studs needs a piece cut which makes a lot of foam dust.  Then I have to carve out for plumbing and electrical, beat the foam into place, then fit in pieces to fill the gaps.  After I get that done I go back and fill in the little spaces with spray in foam insulation.

I discovered this ancient scuttle butt on one part of the pier.  I wonder how many decades it has been there and how many thirsts have been quenched.  I also wonder how many thousands of beer bottles must be down below from lunches during a more permissive time.

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