30 October 2010

Moved to a different part of the yard

Since Unimak is coming back this weekend we had to move back a little in the shipyard. We took the place that Ruby VIII had and Ruby is back of us now.

We loaded the appliances on Thursday. It was much more difficult getting them in the back of the green pickup than it was getting them on board. We hired some movers to come out and manhandle them from the garage to the pickup here at the house. When I got them up to the shipyard the riggers brought the crane over, we slung them with non-stretching nylon web straps (like truckers use), then swung them onto the back deck of Caratello where I had a ramp set up. It was really easy to slide them into place, even the 480 pound range! God I love machines that keep me from hurting myself. I got the primer and the first coat of paint on the galley walls today. Tomorrow Barbara is coming up to help me put the second coat on and get the place cleaned up.

The tin guys showed up like elves and fixed two of the four downspouts. I think I was down looking at the other houseboat when they showed up. Never saw them and they never let me know they were there. I'll have to call them and ask what is up with the other two spouts and the two other problems they left.

I found an older picture that shows my saw station on the second deck. It seems like it was a long time ago that I had a plastic sheet for a roof and no windows or doors.

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