15 October 2010

No pictures today

No good pictures to post today. The caulker finished up with his work and he did a great job. Still waiting on Ballard Sheet Metal to come back to finish the drain spouts. They do pretty good work when they show up, it is just getting them out to work. "We'll be out tomorrow" seems to be code for "we'll be out whenever we show up if we show up at all".

Still working on the interior, I have most of the MDO up on the first deck and have started up the stairwell. Barbara says the interior is starting to look less like a construction site and more like a home.

Barbara is going to pick up another big load of "ballast" at the Garagiste tomorrow. I'm not sure how much more we can stuff into the hold.

Rodger Morris, the surveyor, came by and did an initial survey for the insurance company. He seemed to think that Caratello was pretty well constructed compared to some of the houseboats he has seen in his career. He didn't identify anything major that needed correction after crawling through the bilges and poking around for about 5 hours.

The plan right now is to relocate Caratello just as soon as we put the appliances on board in the next couple of weeks.

Next post I'll have more pictures.

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