17 October 2010

Playing in the mud and loading essential stores

Barbara had me pickup two more truck loads of ballast. Lucky me, this load was mostly rieslings, yum! There isn't any more room for wine now and Caratello has a noticeable list to port. I'll worry about the port list after everything is onboard. Right now it is just entertaining that the glass doors on the starboard side close on their own.

I spent the day taping the walls. I'm pretty sure that I got at least as much of the drywall compound on my shirt and pants as I did on the walls. Tomorrow I sand then put another coat of mud on the walls. I hope to get the walls painted on the first deck by the end of the week. I will feel like I have accomplished something and will be able to move on to the second deck.

Barbara picked out the paint color for the first deck. It is some shade of gray/green called "timothy hay". I still can't convince women that there are only about ten colors for men. "Timothy hay" and "persimmon" aren't colors and neither are "sea foam" and "taupe".

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