11 October 2010

The push is on to finish Caratello

The tin men and the roofers are pretty well finished with the exterior. The only things that I have left outside is to add some cedar trim, clean up the stainless steel rail, and do some touch up painting.

Inside I have been puting up the wall board. I am using medium density overlay (MDO) which is plywood with a resin and paper layer on one side. It is about half the weight of drywall. As you know by now weight is the main thing that you need to think about when building a boat. Well weight, and holes that would let water in, and making sure that Barbara and Jim at the bank are happy.

I have also been working on the 12 volt system that will power the LED lighting, navigation lights, VHF FM radio, and a few other things. The battery manufacturer, Dyno Batteries, said that I should use golf cart batteries because they are less expensive and will work just as well, if not better, than marine batteries. Gotta like a company that is honest about his product, will save you money, and makes their product right here in Seattle.

I fabricated a mount for the raw water strainer then installed that big chunk of brass. This will filter water that comes into the hull through the sea chest for cooling. I had the pipe fitters at Lake Union Dry Dock put in the piping from the sea chest to the strainer. They used copper-nickel 2" pipes which will last a lot longer than the hull which, in turn will out last me. It has been an education learning about the different metals used in ship building.

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  1. MDO? How do you finish MDO? Same as Drywall? If so does its finished appearance change any from that of Drywall? Thanks, Dave