14 November 2010

Time out

The boss wrote me a prescription for thalossotherapy, taking warm saltwater baths under pressure, for two to three hours a day.  So here I am stuck in Cozumel off of the Yucatan, forced to suffer through another cold November.  Water temperature at 120 feet was only 81 degrees.  I almost thought about wearing a wetsuit.

Before I left Caratello was riding nicely at LUDD.  Talking with our surveyor I am more and more convinced that the only way to do a project like this is to start with an architect and marine engineer.  Craig Goring designed a good solid hull to build on and Gene Morris with Barbara imagined a very buildable/livable home to go on the hull.  Even with some of the winds we had last month Caratello rode very nicely!  Maybe the wine ballast helped a little.

Got a new follower: Flaglermarina, who are you?  If you are in Florida maybe I can come down and we can discuss houseboat design and construction punctuated by dives on some of the wrecks you have.  I'm pretty amazed looking at this blog's stats that we have people checking in from Japan, China, Italy, Germany, Canada, France, Poland, Netherlands, and several other countries.  How the hell do they find this?  Maybe they are thinking about being prepared for global warming!

Here is the 27 pound wahoo we caught yesterday.  Seeing lots of eagle rays and turtles along with lots of colorful fish, gotta love thalossotherapy.

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