09 May 2011

More interior pictures

I took a few interior shots since Paul the tile guy is out doing his thing on the heads. I put up the Wedi system for the shower stall and it seems to work pretty well. Instead of using cement board and a heavy built up pan Wedi uses closed cell foam board that has some kind of cement coating on it. This saved a few hundred pounds which made Craig Goering, the engineer, happy. The system uses Sikaflex sealant on the joints and anywhere there was a penetration of the board. Sikaflex is my second favorite waterproof sealant, it sticks great and doesn't allow any water penetration.

Here the Wedi is in place and the Sikaflex is all over the place.

Here are a couple of shots of the galley with the stainless steel counters in.  Duke bent the 14 gauge stainless sheets with a marine edge to make cleanup easier and besides it looks really cool.  Instead of just cutting a hole and bolting in a sink he fabricated the sink and welded it in.  So the counter top is seamless from the sink to the back splash.  The finish that Barbara decided on is a good one because if there are any gouges or cut marks I just take a sheet of 120 grit and a random orbit sander and it will look just like new!  There is so much stainless in this galley with the appliances, the counter/backsplash/sink, behind the stove, and the ss finish on the cupboards.  It is very cool and there is a lot of space to cook in such a tiny space.  Great design from Jeff at Abodian.  Did I mention that it is cool?

I'll try and get better pictures, the ipod thing just takes ok pictures.  Maybe Barbara will have to spring for a real photographer using a real camera.

Here the tile is in on the floors.  Barbara really went wild with the colors as you can see!  More pictures when the tile is done.

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